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Privacy Policy

In line with the EU’s data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on May 25th 2018. I outline my privacy statement dated 25th September 2020.

Personal data collected whilst we are working together

Contact information – such as name, address, phone number, email address.

Emergency contact number and person.

Background information as part of the initial assessment.

How I collect personal data

From your initial inquiry via email I will take your email address and phone number – depending on how you have contacted me.

At our initial consultation appointment I will record your name, address, emergency contact number and G.P. details. These will be kept securely so that only I may access them.

Why I process your personal data and the legal basis for the processing

I may use your personal data for the following purposes:

To contact you with regard to making and re-secheduling appointments.

To have a record of some aspects of our work together.

Securing your personal data

I will take appropriate technical and organisational measures in line with applicable data protection laws to use appropriate measures to protect your personal data.

Storing your Personal data

I will store your personal data for as long as may be required by law, or as required under any contract. If there is no legal requirement, I will retain information about you only for so long as is necessary for the duration of our work together.

How to contact me

The controller of your personal data is Stephanie Davis.

If you want to exercise your data subject rights or if you have any other questions concerning this Data Privacy Statement, please send your request directly to me.

Updates to this Data Privacy Statement

This Data Privacy Statement will be updated as and when necessary. Any changes to this Data Privacy Statement will become effective as of the date it is published, or as otherwise required by law. You will be advised of any updates and changes. (Last updated on: 25th September 2020).

Information about you

In order for me to be able to fulfil my responsibilities as a psychotherapist I will need to record some personal information about you. This information includes your name, address and contact details, and GP practice. In our initial consultation session I will also takes notes of ‘assessment information’, that is relevant medical information and aspects of your personal social and family history that you choose to share with me. This information will be stored in securely either in a lockable filing store or in password protected files on a password protected computer which has virus protection software installed as well as being fully encrypted. I am the only person who will have access to this information unless there are circumstances where I am unable to contact you for some reason. In this instance your information will be accessible by my clinical executor who is a UKCP registered psychotherapist.

In the event that I am incapacitated, your contact details alone will be shared with my clinical executor so that they can contact you to explain the situation. The details of this arrangement are set out in my professional will.

Your contact details will be used solely to contact you. Other personal data such as your name, address and/or date of birth will be used to verify your identify if there is a need to contact your G.P. or a request for access to personal data from yourself or your representative or legitimate legal instrument such as a court order. Your contact details will not be used for any other purposes.

This personal information will be held for a period of three years after the cessation of our therapeutic relationship, except where there is a mutually agreed decision to retain it for longer or where I believe that it is in my best professional interests to do so. We will have agreed to this.

Information about our work together

I may make some notes of our work together under an identifying code. These notes when made will be a brief factual record of the session. The notes are held in either a lockable store or password-protected file in my password protected and encrypted computer to which no one else has access.

These notes will be held for a period of three years after the cessation of psychotherapy except where I agree with you to retain them for longer or where I believe that it is in my best professional interests to do so.

Records of contact between us

I will hold your name and telephone number on my mobile phone until our work comes to an end and then I will delete it from my contact list. Appointments are kept in my digital calendar with initials. It it not available to anyone else.

If we agree to communicate by text or by email, these records are kept until they are deleted. My mobile phone is a smart phone and could therefore also have your texts, and email and email address available on it. The phone is password protected and details are stored in ‘the cloud’ so they can be restored if my phone is lost or stolen as well as destroyed through remote deletion. My suggestion is that we solely use email and texting for information exchanges related to times of sessions, lateness etc and not as a place for your personal process. If we agree on something more than that, then we would need to look at encryption applications. My emails to you are encrypted as I use Protonmail.

Your Rights

You have the right to ask to see any information held by me about you. To do this please either ask me, or submit a request in writing. You also have the right to ask for information that you believe to be incorrect to be rectified. I will endeavour to provide you with the information requested within four weeks.

If I become aware of a situation where your personal information may have accidentally or maliciously been obtained by a third party I will notify you within three days.

If you are concerned about the way that your information is being held please discuss this with me. If you are still unhappy you have the write to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.


When you reply to agree to the fondue tins under which we are going to work, you are agreeing to how your personal information will be held for the purposes of psychotherapy and that there is permission to contact you via email and or phone.

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Privacy Policy